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Holidays Update

Check your email folks... News updates:

Hey guys, I wanted to reach out to be transparent so you know what's going on. Happy Thanksgiving in advance! I hope you all remember to reflect the blessings we've been given.

We will have a Black Friday Sale. The regular buy 4x100g/get 1x100g and free shipping on orders over $25 are always a thing; this one will be on top of those!

We will close the online store temporarily on December 20th through January 2nd (ish). This is the last day I'll be able to get packages out by Christmas, as my employees and I will be enjoying the holidays. They've worked very hard the last few months and they deserve the time off. Get your orders in before then!

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  • Just got a chance to try your Super Red and it saved the day for me! 10 oz was perfect for a productive afternoon after I had given up hope (was getting too tarred and pain was nagging). THANK YOU, Shaun and Team!

    Laurie Otto

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