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Blate Papes!

We wanted to take a minute and discuss Blate Papes.

We realize that the flavor of kratom and many other botanicals is tough for some folks, Akuamma is the one that comes to my mind the most.  Oblate discs were a solution for us to wad it up and drink it down, however, they are small and often bust open, effectively removing the reason to use them in the first place.  Import slow down due to COVID also didn’t help.


Though Some folks make tea with kratom, I personally don’t mind the taste, but I always use the discs or capsules for akuamma.  Capsules take a lot of time to make, and require a huge cleaning of our workroom when we do it; we try not to make them unless we have to for personal use.  Discs were the only solution for such a long time for us.


Enter Blate Papes!  Way larger than discs, not as touchy, and not difficult to import (made in the US), these things make akuamma not make me cringe thinking about a mouthful.  Every complaint we had about the oblate discs was answered; Blate Papes are a superior option.


You may have struggled with figuring out how to use them like we did.  Luckily, the team at BlatePapes.com made some awesome videos showing how to do it right!  Check them out here:  https://youtu.be/oFYO3ofNpOQ


No longer do we have to get frustrated with packing caps or a busted open disc.  Not only that, but the hard-case is easily package in a bag or back pocket.


Just when we though they couldn’t get better, now there’s pouches.  Same Blate Papes, but just pre-formed for ease of filling.  Though they don’t hold as much (we’ve found 6-8g is about the limit on the pouches), they’re still absolutely fantastic.


We don’t recommend things lightly, but this is one of those things.  So much so, we decided to carry them.  Enjoy!

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