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About Us

Our goal is to provide quality botanicals at a reasonable price.  No frills, just good products.  We strive to help serve in any way we can.

The most common question we get asked is, "What is your best kratom?"

Best means a lot of things, so we need some context to help you.  Some are fast and some are slow, some are stronger and some are mild, and each color typically has different effects on people.  What we like in the morning to wake us up is very different than what we like for a long day at work, or even different than what we like while watching football with friends.  Each of our selections has a purpose, no two are identical.

How fast do you ship you products out?

If you order, and payment is complete by 2:30 PM EST on a weekday, we will get it out the same day unless otherwise noted.  All orders over $48 get free priority shipping.  That means you get your stuff between 2 and 4 days, accounting for weekends.  If under $48 order and you select First Class, you can expect 5-6 days.  We have yet to see an order take longer, even to Hawaii.

We typically do not ship on Saturdays.

You can always select express or next day if you're desperate.

Oh, and if an invoice doesn't give free shipping on your order over $48, we'll fix the invoice later!

Why don't you have kilos?  

We have kilos available, we just don't put them on the website usually.  This is because we rotate our stock quickly and solid kilos don't sell as quickly as 25g or 100g bags.  We don't want to leave a stale product on the shelf or sell you one that hasn't sold in months.  They take up a lot of room, and we don't like having to bust kilo bags into 100g bags if we're low on a particular strain.  If interested, just message us and we'll do a fresh kilo for you!

Split kilos are always an option, just add 10x 100g bags to your cart for $96 split kilo pricing!

What's with the names?

We use four independent, small suppliers to bring you botanicals from specific regions in the South Pacific.  One of our vendors is exclusive to us, routinely providing unique selections.  This ensures the uniqueness of our selections and a consistency you can trust.  We use specific locations in our names so you know exactly where it comes from.  Sumatra, Borneo, and Malaysia are huge regions; botanicals from one end to the other are very different!

Our “Super,” and our “Maeng Da,” are special versions of our botanicals, usually harvested during dry season.  They are typically our finest products, at least in our opinion!

Check out this map to see it visibly:

Yes, Borneo is the whole island, but our Borneos are from the interior, upper Kapuas River.  Some vendors label these as Jongkongs.

Our Bali, Thai and Vietnam are Indonesian specialty blends (the base is our Kapuas selections).

In addition to the specific areas, what makes you different than other vendors?
Short, is our quality.  First, we verify each of our supplier's processes.  Just like apples or oranges, we ensure our botanicals are thoroughly rinsed and dried before even coming to us.  All of our suppliers dry the botanicals indoors on hanging nets and/or trays in limited access areas (no cats, chickens, or people stepping on them or worse).  After processing, our products are vacuum sealed, verified through customs (AKI/Pekrindo certified), and sent to our U.S. processing facility.  One shipment is one batch and each is numbered separately.
Next, we take extra measures to ensure we have the best quality.  Each botanical is quarantined for 7 days to ensure products are mold, mildew, and hitchhiker free.  We mix 10-20 kilo portions of each batch to ensure uniformity, before trying it ourselves.  We then process the botanicals in a HP14 HEPA filtered overpressure room.  We UV-C treat our botanicals in an ozone enriched environment before each is sealed in food grade bags.  Each of our technicians wears PPE throughout this process.
We have recently begun testing our batches and are taking many measures to become GMP compliant.
What about samples?
We no longer do sample packages, as folks wanted to select their own.  However, each of our offerings comes in 25g sample sizes, just select on the drop down and build your own!
We're confident our products will be fresh and of the finest quality!
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