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  • I’ve been buying kratom for a couple years now and am just trying out fused flora for the first time and honestly I wish I’d found them sooner. So far I’ve tried a green red and white. I don’t normally buy a lot of white so it’s hard to say how it compares, but the red and green are both some of the best I’ve had. Order came in 2 days, plus some samples and so far everything’s been great, I’ll definitely be coming back.

  • Let’s talk about takengon! I ordered 500g of the white and 500g of the green. Both leafs have a very distinct, smoky taste. To be honest I kind of enjoy the flavor.

    Now we will discuss potency. This stuff is a powerhouse. I wanted to write this review to let whoever needs to know, that you gotta experiment with it first. Don’t dive into your normal dose. Take it back maybe a gram. Especially when dealing with that green takengon. This is hands down my favorite kratom. I’ve tried everything from the fine folks at Fused Flora and this is hands down the strongest stuff I’ve ever tried.

    Buy it. You won’t regret it. Just take a little less than normal. Super fast shipping, super great sample packs, and super great kratom per usual. Green takengon now goes down in the hall-of-fame for the most sedating, euphoric kratom I’ve ever tried. The white takengon is just as euphoric but doesn’t make me drowsy. I highly, highly suggest. And I hope this stuff stays on the shelf because it’s an absolute powerhouse.

    Michael Taylor
  • We work together with Fused Flora and couldn’t be happier with their customer service. Shaun is friendly, honest, passionate and helpful. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re a newb. If not, you probably already know they’re dope.

    Harrison with Blate Papes
  • I just received my first order. I ordered on a Sunday and received it on Tuesday! So far, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried and I have so many more to try. Gold Kapuas was very relaxing and Super Green Borneo was eye-opening. So glad I found this company!

    Valerie Ellen Miller
  • New customer this week,I’m not a well seasoned consumer of kratom but have been around just long enough to know that you need to stay with the same vendor if by some chance you are lucky enough to find the REAL DEAL so I’m placing another small order tonight in order to best keep products fresh, also mostly stick to white strains until I received your small sample pack of the Super Green Borneo now open to any and all so really appreciate that! Good call on your part for anticipating what I might like beyond what I have ordered at any given time.

    Terry Douglas

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