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  • I received a sample pack from this vendor. I really enjoyed the red kapuas, it was excellent for pain relief. Excellent quality, and prices!

  • This stuff is very high quality and potent, and it looks great too. I was especially impressed with the super green borneo. Definitely will be buying again.

  • I entered a contest that was held and won 2nd place. I was beyond excited when I was told I won 200g and my package contained 220g. This is the best quality kratom I’ve had hands down. Only stuff I will get from now on. Blows everything out of the water.

    Andrew Bell
  • I just want to say that dealing with Shaun was a joy and the Kratom itself was top notch. I would definitely recommend Fused Flora as vendor to anyone who asks. Keep up the good work!

    Rob Nabakowski
  • I have tried 7 types of kratom from this vendor and they were all really good quality, cannot beat that shipping also.
    Got to love the people who run it too, true pillars of community.

    I tried these, so far but I have another batch coming.

    - green md
    - green riau
    - green aceh
    - red vietrnam
    - red borneo
    - gold vietnam

    theyre all great i loved them, thanks!


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