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  • On my first order I selected crypto as payment and in the email after, it brought up other ways of paying for the product. I preferred another way and Shaun was quick to make that happen. I realized after I paid that my order was cancelled (due to the order not receiving crypto as payment). I sent him an email at 9pm my time and he was quick (5 minutes) to fix the issue, sent an email explaining why in about 2 minutes, and also was willing to answer non order related questions. Fantastic customer service. Prompt and friendly.

  • First off I just wanna say fused flora has become my favorite vendor by far! I love the fact you can split a kilo 10 ways. Also u gotta love a vendor who always gives samples with each order. The shipping is lightening fast! And available free after $48.00 A few of his standout strains for me is super green Borneo, green hilir, and green Vietnam! All stright fire! In fact i have not had a strain from him that i wasent pleased with. If your thinking of placing a order with fused flora you will not be disappointed!

    Joshua stiltner
  • I just recently discovered Fused Flora when I read good things about them from posts on Double M forums and decided to give them a shot. Now I can’t imagine using any other vendor. Their prices are awesome, the selection is amazing, it comes in the mail in 3 days and the product itself is top notch. Both orders I’ve gotten came with samples. The samples aren’t random, they’re specifically chosen based on what your preferences seem to be. That’s a personal attention to detail I can’t imagine finding anywhere else. Thank you!

  • Recieved a sample pack from Shaun and enjoyed every strain. Probably my favorite was the green maeng da. Quick shipping and a great burn!

  • This stuff is very high quality and potent, and it looks great too. I was especially impressed with the super green borneo. Definitely will be buying again.


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