Split kilos $90 +shipping, just add (10) 100g to your cart. For 5x100g, add to cart and use the discount code "SPLIT500" for $48 +shipping. ***WE WILL NOT BE SHIPPING ORDERS JUL 3 - 20, 2024 DUE TO HOLIDAY ***


  • Being brand new to Kratom, I immediately wanted to find a trusted vendor. Numerous times I was recommended to order from fused flora. Prices were very reasonable, even with my small order. A few days later I quickly opened up my envelope from fused and dug into its contents. The products I ordered are incredible, and the freebies have been amazing so far! I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Fused Flora and I will absolutely be coming back for more.

  • Recently found out about Fused Flora from Double M, and I’m real glad I did. They have a great selection and each strain is different but everything is top quality. Low prices and fast shipping, and they’re generous with the samples. The last sample turned me on to a new strain that’s on point. Been buying kratom for a decade now and Fused Flora just became my staple vendor

  • I am relatively new to Kratom and I must say that the experience I recently had with Fused Flora has been the best yet. I placed my order on Tuesday and it was delivered on Thursday. Ya’ll, it only took 2 days to get here and the shipping was free. I tried the product yesterday and I am blown away. The price is right and the product is great! I will definitely be ordering from Fused Flora in the future.

    Holly Peacock
  • On my first order I selected crypto as payment and in the email after, it brought up other ways of paying for the product. I preferred another way and Shaun was quick to make that happen. I realized after I paid that my order was cancelled (due to the order not receiving crypto as payment). I sent him an email at 9pm my time and he was quick (5 minutes) to fix the issue, sent an email explaining why in about 2 minutes, and also was willing to answer non order related questions. Fantastic customer service. Prompt and friendly.

  • First off I just wanna say fused flora has become my favorite vendor by far! I love the fact you can split a kilo 10 ways. Also u gotta love a vendor who always gives samples with each order. The shipping is lightening fast! And available free after $48.00 A few of his standout strains for me is super green Borneo, green hilir, and green Vietnam! All stright fire! In fact i have not had a strain from him that i wasent pleased with. If your thinking of placing a order with fused flora you will not be disappointed!

    Joshua stiltner

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