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The Great Move

As many of you know, I recently moved from Washington State to the Washington DC area.  In addition to getting setup for business in a new state.  I have to build inventory as many of the states I drove through, I couldn't bring my botanicals.

I'm continuing to process new stock everyday, and with the dry season here; you can rest assured I'll have some great product for you!  No frills, just great botanicals.

I've launched the site today, so enjoy!


  • Going to leave this comment here as I’m unsure how else to attempt to leave a “review”. I’ve made three orders in about 8 weeks and I can tell you to look no further. Product is great and I don’t say that as simply lip service. As a daily user this kratom stands with the best I’ve had in nearly any price range. That said, packing and shipping times times have far exceeded my expectation as well. Customer service has also been excellent. Very happy to have found Fused Flora, they are an asset to our community. Thank you!

  • I’m a very seasoned Kratomite, and I’m very happy with the quality of Kratom I tried from Fused Flora , the one that really caught my attention was the green Riau , great energy, moodlift , awesome clarity, and nice pain relief… !!! Looking forward to trying more from Shaun’s line up… so far I’m very happy and will be utilizing his products in my rotation. Using one word to sum it all up..

    Thank you for what you do Shaun🙏
    A top shelf vendor with top shelf Kratom …

  • WOW!!! The Kratom I tried was REALLY GOOD! It’s like after you take it, it keeps kicking in as time goes by. Before you know it, your on your way to having a great day! I did the job of 3 people when I took this Kratom. Green Borneo and White Borneo together was fire!! Red Borneo was relaxing and mellow. Just what a girl needs after a long day. Slept like a rock! Definitely will be back. Waiting for Shaun to get caught up on stock. THANK YOU SHAUN!! Your Kratom IS TOP NOTCH!!!

    Pamela Campbell
  • Absolutely loved the kratom! Great quality, and great customer service. This kratom definitely lowered my anxiety, and allowed me to go throughout my day with a smile on my face.

    Christian Wilhelm

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